Plays: $12
Musicals: $15 

Group Rates: $2 off per person,
for groups of 15 or more


Call (412) 831-8552
for reservations


Thurs-Sat: 7:30pm
Sundays 2:00pm

Children's Theatre

$3 Admission. 
Children 2 yrs. and under: free

Monday - 6:30 pm
Tuesday - 10 am & 6:30 pm
Wednesday - 10 a.m.

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Musical Auditions - POSTPONED to Saturday February 28st, 2015 from 1:00-4:00pm 
(Something's Afoot, Swingtime Canteen, & Forever Plaid)
Please bring headshot/resume, and come prepared to sing a section of a musical number of your choice.  Piano accompaniment will be provided, so bring sheet music - no acapella, please.  No appointment necessary.

Casting Needs:


Lettie: the saucy maid (alto)
Miss Tweed: the tweedy, elderly amateur detective (soprano)
Hope Langdon: the Ingénue (soprano)

Lady Grace Manley-Prowe: the Grande Dame (alto)

Flint: the caretaker (tenor)
Clive: the fussy butler (bass)
Dr. Grayburn: the family doctor (tenor)
Nigel Rancour: the black sheep nephew (tenor)
Colonel Gillweather: the old army man (bass)
Geoffrey: the juvenile; the uninvited guest (tenor)



Marian Ames: lovely, classic leading lady of the silver screen.  Elegant, gracious, and maternal.  A strong leader with a healthy dose of wry humor.
Kate Gamersfluger: Ames' wide-eyed niece.
Lilly McBrain: gorgeous, ambitions, and tough as nails.  A survivor who masks her vulnerability with cynical veneer.
Jo Sterling: good natured gal and everyone's best friend.  Warm, sensitive, brainy, and ready with a snappy wisecrack at every occasion.
Topeka Abotelli: rough-edged housewife and mom.  A super-patriot who works as a riveter in a war plant.  A zany, warmhearted woman with an antic energy.







The leader, confident but humble, a "romantic crooner," and always taking care of the rest of the group.  He has asthma, which occasionally acts up if the temp is too fast or the choreography is too intense (second tenor/lyric baritone)
Sparky: The clown, always looking to crack a joke.  He wears a retainer and has a slight lisp or speech impediment.  Dispite this, he loves telling stories and relishes every word he says.  Often repeats himself because of how fast he speaks. (baritone)
Jinx: Shy and terrified of being on stage.  He often forgets what song or dance move is next. Sparky's stepbrother.  The other members of the group are very protective of him.  He gets an occasional nose bleed when he sings above an 'A." (tenor)
Smudge: He worries about everything from the props, to the running order, to the audience not liking him.  Suffers from chronic nervous stomach and is very reluctant to perform.  He is also dyslexic and wears glasses.  Underneath his glasses, though, his a great deal of good looks and sex appeal. (bass)



Plays Auditions: Saturday March 21st, 2015  from 12:00-5:00pm
(Knichers, Making God Laugh, Pine, Exit Laughing, Bell Book & Candle)
Please bring headshot/resume.  Prepared monologue (just one, please) OR cold reading from provided scripts.  No appointment necessary.


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If you are unavailable for either audition date, but would still like to be considered for a role, please send a headshot/resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the audition date.  Most directors will hold individual callback auditions and will try to accommodate you at that time.