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Musicals: $15 

Group Rates: $2 off per person,
for groups of 15 or more


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Thurs-Sat: 7:30pm
Sundays 2:00pm

Children's Theatre

$3 Admission. 
Children 2 yrs. and under: free

Monday - 6:30 pm
Tuesday - 10 am & 6:30 pm
Wednesday - 10 a.m.

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Plays Auditions: Saturday March 21st, 2015  from 12:00-5:00pm
(Knickers, Making God Laugh, Pine, Exit Laughing, Bell Book & Candle)
Please bring headshot/resume.  Prepared monologue (just one, please) OR cold reading from provided scripts.  No appointment necessary.

 Casting Needs:


4 Women (30's - mid 50's)


Actors will play multiple roles
and will be required to show their knickers, briefly!





3 Men & 2 Women

Please note: all characters age 30 years over the course of the play

Ruthie (late 40's - mid 50's)  Domineering matriarch.  Loving and means well, but bullies her children & husband.
Bill (late 40's - mid 50's) Easy-going patriarch.  Affectionate towards and accepting of his family's eccentricities.
Richard (mid 20's - early 30's) Eldest son.  Trend-setter/entrepreneur/one-time football star.
Maddie (early 20's - early 30's) Middle child. Aspiring actress, independent, and strong-willed.
Thomas (early to mid 20's) Youngest child. The baby of the family, even-tempered, warm, good sense of humor.  Studying for the priesthood.




 3 Women & 4 Men

Julie (early 30's)
Rita's daughter. Now lives in San Francisco and works as an elementary school teacher.  Married to Mike.
Mike (early to mid 30's)
Business owner, married to Julie
Teddy (18)
Rita's youngest son.  At 13, he got into a serious car accident with his brother, Colin.  Since Colin died in the accident, he has been "troubled."
Colin (mid 20's)
Rita's daughter - passed away in a car accident at 25 and hasn't aged since.  Though dead, he still walks and lives with his family.
Rita (50's-60's)
Mother of the family.  Owns and lives on a Christmas Tree Farm in upstate New York. 
Rachel (early 30's)
Engaged to Colin at the time of the accident.  Now lives in New York as a social worker and is dating Miles.
Miles (early to mid 30's)
Born and raised in NYC, works for a hedge fund.  Is in love with Rachel and longs to marry her.



 4 Women & 1 Man

Rachel Ann (20's)
A young college student who seems to have issues with life and men until bridge night opens her eye.
Connie (50's-60's)
Mother of Rachel, who finds on this fateful bridge night, that life doesn't end at 55.
Leona (50's-60's)
One of Connie's closest friends and a member of the bridge club for over 30 years.  A beautician by profession and a rather caustic lush by profession.
Millie (50's-60's)
Another of Connie's friends and a long-standing member of the bridge club. This is a woman who moves to her own special drummer, even though she is the only one who can hear him.
Bobby/Policeman (20's)
A young man of many talents... Poses as a stripper, but ends up being a classmate of Rachel's.




2 Women & 3 Men

Gillian (mid 20's - late 30's)
attractive witch (think Samantha from "Bewitched"), bored with her fellow witches and warlocks and infatuated with her upstairs neighbor - casts a spell on him when she learns he's engaged to her college rival.
Shep (mid 20's - late 30's)
attractive upstairs neighbor of Gillian, engaged to Gillian's college rival.  Falls madly and inexplicably in love with Gillian.
Aunt Queenie (40's - 60's)
Also a witch. comedic role with ability to exaggerate almost everything.
Nick (20's-30's)
Gillian's brother, also a witch, a schemer and plotter, looking to advance his status in life by sharing just enough about witchcraft with author Sidney.
Sidney Redlitch (40's - 60's)
famous author of books that expose witchcraft in our world today.  Many people, like Shep, ignore him, but the public loves him. A bit clumsy.



Musical Auditions 
A second round of auditions for "Swingtime Canteen" will take place on Saturday, April 18th by appointment only.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an appointment.

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If you are unavailable for the audition date, but would still like to be considered for a role, please send a headshot/resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the audition date.  Most directors will hold individual callback auditions and will try to accommodate you at that time.