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Musicals: $15 

Group Rates: $2 off per person,
for groups of 15 or more


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Thurs-Sat: 7:30pm
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Children's Theatre

$3 Admission. 
Children 2 yrs. and under: free

Monday - 6:30 pm
Tuesday - 10 am & 6:30 pm
Wednesday - 10 a.m.

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Main Stage

2014 Mainstage


By Gregg Kreutz.

April 24-May 10

"Suitcase, suitcase, who's got the suitcase?" Confusion abounds when June, an earnest aerobics instructor, unknowingly acquires the cash filled suitcase of two money launderers from Cleveland.Wild chases, bizarre disguises, and the silliest looking aerobics dance ever make this a truly riotous farce!

Directed by Jen James

3 Women, 6 Men


By Jerry Mayer

May 15-31

This award winning romantic comedy is brimming with hilarious as well as moving moments captured from a 38 year marriage. As Jimmy & Alice Diamond clear out the attic of their Malibu home because a turn of finances is forcing them to move into a cramped condo, they find themselves reliving the flawed masterpiece that is their fulfilling marriage.

Directed by Melissa Hill Grande

3 Women, 2 Men  


By Lucy Bennett

June 5-21

When London city girl Penelope Hart is suddenly let go from her job, she decides to pursue her life-long dream of opening a cake shop! But she soon discovers that running her own business is anything but a piece of cake. A charming sort of "Bridget Jones' Diary" meets "Chocolat."

Directed by Lorraine Mszanski

 2 Women, 3 Men



By Melinda Gilb, Steve Gunderson,
& Bryan Scott.

June 26-July 12

This musical tells the story of a young woman who is down on her luck and the 2 guardian angels that come to teach her about finding love in, of all places, a Laundromat! If you liked "The Bikini's" you'll love this rocking 60's musical soap opera, featuring tons of your favorite tunes!

Directed by Stephen Santa

3 Women, 1 Man 



By Mark Dunn

July 17-August 2

Set in the break room of a small bank in Mississippi, this warm and gentle play eavesdrops on the conversations of women who have for too long defined themselves in terms of their past and present relationships. Southern sass, tears, and charm engage as 5 bank tellers speak their hearts and brew lots of coffee in this dramatic comedy.

Directed by Wayne Brinda

5 Women



By Katherine DiSavino

August 7-23

Olivia & Gabe are moving into their 1st apartment together halfway across the country from their parents. So imagine their surprise when everyone shows up to help! A sort of modern day "Barefoot in the Park," this hilarious and touching show will make you laugh out loud and fall in love all over again!

Directed by Rick Campbell

3 Women, 4 Men





By Kathleen Clark

August 28-September 13

In a sprawling New Jersey Victorian, a taciturn Yankee widower and a vivacious grandmother from Tennessee find themselves stuck inside his house together through a nasty storm.  What starts as a conversation, turns into friendship, and before long, the unlikely pair discover what they least expected--a second chance at love.

Directed by Jena Oberg

 1 Woman, 1 Man



By Lois Wyse, Robert Waldman, & Sheila Rae

September 18-October 4

A humorous, heartwarming look at modern grandmothers in a while new light, celebrating the changes - from what to name the grandma, to her availability as a babysitter, her job, her friends, and her renewed interest in shopping!  But most of all, her relationship to that increadible new baby and its parents.

Directed by Thomas McLaughlin

5 Women, 2 Men 



August 16, 17, 23, 24 (performed on the outdoor stage)
Flexible Casting

October 18, 19, 25, 26 (performed on the indoor stage)
Flexible Casting